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Failing to impress his bosses with his new bra design, Jordan calls up two big titted escorts to help his superiors get a better idea of his new creation. He'll thank Kagney and Maddi with a full course meal of cock on the conference table!!!
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Added: 3187 days ago by Brazzers
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When a new secretary arrives the guys at the office always want to test her skills first. Well, she fails for vacuum cleaning but she sure as hell knows how to suck dick! In fact she wants to do anything to get this job and soon she is fucked by all the guys in turn, ending up with a layer of cream on her glasses!
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Added: 3174 days ago by JimSlip
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There is anew girl in the office who wants to apply for a job. Unfortunately she is pretty stupid: When asked to water the plants she even does the plastic ones! The boss wants to kick her out but she is so desperate that she wants to screw all the staff. So she takes each guy in turns until her glasses are covered in sperm!
Channels: Stocking Hardcore 
Added: 3163 days ago by JimSlip
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Sir is relaxing in his living room, which is right below his home office. Just kicking back, reading the sports pages after a long day. His secretary, sexy Jasmine Luna Gold, is still upstairs finishing typing up some important documents that he’ll need to glance over and sign before she can go home. But Jasmine, when she finally emerges, clearly has something else on her mind than mere work. She has been watching her boss for some time. And today, she wants to finally have him. To experience him in full. To take his cock in her mouth, feel his thick throbbing member inside her moist cunt. As she kneels down in front of him, the boss gladly unzips his pants and gives it to her, already fully erect. Without even taking his pants off, he plows her in a number of positions over the staircase, before delivering a nice thick load all over his red silk blouse.
Channels: Stocking Hardcore 
Added: 3044 days ago by FullyClothedSex
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